ACA Angel University Offers Flexible Learning Options Tailored to Your Schedule

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Angel investing is not a black art. It is not based solely on luck or intuition, although both are helpful. Successful angels study their craft, build a comprehensive understanding of the asset class, and develop strategic, purposeful practices for evaluating and managing investments.

ACA Angel University is built to deliver cutting-edge insights, practical tips and lessons learned, and meaningful expert connections in comprehensive, easy-to-access virtual workshops. This program features:

·     Multiple workshops, customized to your angel experience level – mix and match the sessions that fit your needs and interests

·     A flexible schedule with multiple virtual offerings of each workshop, held between May 18 and June 10

·     Certificates of completion with professional angel investing training hours awarded to each registrant

·     A pricing table that reflects discounts for enrolling in multiple workshops 

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ACA Angel University Workshop Highlights 

Workshops for Less Experienced Angels:

·     Fundamentals of Angel Investing – May 18 and June 2:

·     This workshop is a comprehensive overview of angel investing, including understanding anticipated returns, term sheets and valuation of early-stage companies, due diligence best practices, and more.

·     Due Diligence Workshop – May 19 and June 3:

·     This session covers essentials of due diligence, including key components for evaluating deals, spotting deal killers, and how to complete the tasks involved in due diligence. 

·     Term Sheet Basics – May 21 and June 5:

·     This workshop builds your understanding of term sheets, the documents that outline terms and conditions of the agreement between the investors and the startup company. 

·     Valuation Workshop – May 20 and June 4:

·     This workshop introduces attendees to valuation methodologies and considerations, with special attention paid to the impact of COVID-19 on the valuation of startup enterprises.

Workshops for More Experienced Angels:

·     Advanced Workshop on Capitalization Tables – May 26 and June 8:

·     This workshop offers entrepreneurs and investors alike a practical education in understanding the details of cap tables through the lifecycle of a startup venture.

·     Angel Returns and Portfolio Strategy – May 28 and June 10:

·     This workshop presents data driven perspectives about the importance of diversification, exit strategies, investing in specific business verticals, timing considerations, and the role of angels during downturns.

·     Startup Boards Workshop – May 27 and June 9:

·     This session reviews smart practices around forming and managing boards, with the goal of creating an effective governance structure for startups. 

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